Saturday, December 15, 2018

Christmas 2018 specials

Late-gift specials

New Books:

Looking for Dawn (2018), a novel--a sacrament on the wintery plains. Pastor John Schuurman says, "An exceptional read that will make a man completely abandon any notion that a miscarriage is a small misfortune from which one can easily walk away. I loved this book." $20.00

Ghosts of the Plains--Small Wonder(s)--first in a series of hand-printed collections. Four essays from the much beloved public radio feature. $20.00

From the basement--$15@.  

Reading Mother Teresa (2012)--meditations from a Calvinist on the life of a saint.

Sign of A Promise (1982)--Tales of Dutch immigrants to the rural Midwest. 

Touches the Sky (1998)--a novel set in 1890 on the turbulent Dakota plains--wooden shoes and Wounded Knee.

Near Unto God (1997)--summary meditations based on the much beloved work of Abraham Kuyper. 

Up the Hill: Folks Tales from the Cemetery (2014)--short stories rising from the stones of an old Siouxland graveyard.

If you're local, I'll deliver. If you're not I'll send them off.

HUGE SALE!!!! :). For just $50, I'll send you any four of the books and even slip in another old one.


  1. I would like the four book deal, but let me check which ones I have already! Just don’t know when I will next be allowed to get my foot down from over my head! Still recovering from surgery this week. Can you send some cold this way, please? It would sure beat Michigan’s gloom!!!

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