Saturday, December 15, 2018

Christmas 2018 specials

Late-gift specials

New Books:

Looking for Dawn (2018), a novel--a sacrament on the wintery plains. Pastor John Schuurman says, "An exceptional read that will make a man completely abandon any notion that a miscarriage is a small misfortune from which one can easily walk away. I loved this book." $20.00

Ghosts of the Plains--Small Wonder(s)--first in a series of hand-printed collections. Four essays from the much beloved public radio feature. $20.00

From the basement--$15@.  

Reading Mother Teresa (2012)--meditations from a Calvinist on the life of a saint.

Sign of A Promise (1982)--Tales of Dutch immigrants to the rural Midwest. 

Touches the Sky (1998)--a novel set in 1890 on the turbulent Dakota plains--wooden shoes and Wounded Knee.

Near Unto God (1997)--summary meditations based on the much beloved work of Abraham Kuyper. 

Up the Hill: Folks Tales from the Cemetery (2014)--short stories rising from the stones of an old Siouxland graveyard.

If you're local, I'll deliver. If you're not I'll send them off.

HUGE SALE!!!! :). For just $50, I'll send you any four of the books and even slip in another old one.